510 Cartridge High Precision Thick Oil Filling Machine 2ml

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JY-02 is a new type of high-precision oilreceiver: with heating, it has high-precisioncontrol injection products, precision canachieve 1% accuracy, manual oil, themachine automatically control the amountand speed of injection, do not need a gaspump; The utility model has the advantagesof simple operation, small volume, easyhandling, high precision, high efficiencystrong stability, strong flexibility, etc.Can effectively grasp the product not towaste, zero waste, using the latest high-tech operation, working principle is theinjection pump, machine control mode istouch screen +PLC self-programmingwith high efficiency,10-20 per minute

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Cartridge Filling Machine Specifications

Model KBD-JY-02
Oil fillingaccuracy +1%
Amount of oiling 0.2-2/0.2-5ml
Power supply AC110~240V
Dimensions/weight 35*32*48cm/about 16kg
Output 600-1200 PCs/hour

Semi- automatic cartridge filling machine

This machine is suitable for : CBD/THC/510series/ceramicatomizer/cotton core atomizer/integratedcotton/integrated cigarette/Ruhr syringe/G5/CCELL/Vapepen/0.5ML/0.8ML/1.0ML/Delta 8/Delta 9

The working mode of a  is:

 High precision filling                                       Short oil circuit
 High efficiency up to 1200 tubes/hour        Heating up to 120 ℃
 Easy to operate                                                Automatic cleaning
 Fill in most cartridge styles                            Easy to maintain

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Many customers have used our machine to help their filling industry expand business and reduce labor costs to fill products. Therefore, I believe you are right to choose us. You can also be the first person to use our filling machine in your local market.

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Factory direct sales lead time as fast as 5-7 days



Q1: Is the machine for thick oil?

A1: Yes, it suits for thick oil with high accuracy filling injector, Especially design for thick oil.

Q2: Can the machine heat oil?

A2: Yes, Our filling machine has heating function, at most heat 120 celsius, to make oil flow and keep oil warm.

Q3: What kind of products can machine fill?

A3: Machine can fill small bottle, glass jar, syringes, plastic jars etc. We will send different spec of needles to match your products.

Q4: How long can it ship out?

A4: Our ex factory delivery date is 3 days, and normally it takes 5-7 working days.

Q5: Is OEM/ODM available?

A5: Yes, it's available. We can OEM your company name in the filling system, and your brand logo on the machine.




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