Wilhelmsen group

  • 13 Year

    13 years of industry experience: We are a professional manufacturer of precision filling machines, focusing on filling CBD, THC oil products, disposable cartridges, disposable vape, etc., which are suitable for filling high-precision precision liquid products.

  • 60 Countries

    Our filling machines are sold well in various countries, mainly in North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Asia and so on, providing one-stop service, high product quality and after-sales service.

  • 540000 Cartridge Products

    Our fully automatic filling machine can bring 540000 product filling jobs to customers in a year. Compared with manual filling, we will make customers gain profits in 22 days.

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It is important to choose a suitable supplier. I believe you are right to choose us. No matter you are just starting business in this industry or need to find a stable manufacturer, we will give you a suitable scheme and plan, so that you can choose to trust us and become your business partner. Welcome to join us.

About Us

Product Classification

Today, we have the most advanced filling and packaging equipment to help enterprises realize semi automation and full automation of the production line, and optimize the filling and packaging of CBD oil, THC oil, vape oil, delta 8, perfume, olive oil, glycerin, honey, liquids, lotions, creams and balsam.


Our vision is to create the greatest value for people, obtain the greatest benefits, change the value of cognition, and change the life of value.

Why Choose Us

Our filling machines are independently developed, constantly innovated, and updated with the technological development of the times. They adopt the most advanced electric working mode, with high precision, high efficiency, strong stability, easy operation, portability, and multi-function work. The filling machine rejects zero waste of product filling, replace manual operation, help customers earn more money, and provide comprehensive product technical support and solution manufacturer.

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