6 Head Liquid Automatic Small Bottle Oil Filling Machine

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THCWPFL-360B is specialized in injecting disposable electronic cigarettes, and it has a special color, which is the latest color. The machine can inject liquid injection products such as disposable e-liquid, integrated cotton oil tank, small-capacity e-liquid bottle, etc. for non-heating products, Easy to Operate, Each cargo will have operation video teaching, which is easy to use, High-accuracy, Accurate to 0.1%. High Safety Level, Automatic, Good For Essential oil.

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Position adjustment, Filling amount adjustment, Filling speed adjustment, program selection. The working mode of the automatic oiling machine (single-axis six heads) is XYZ three-axis linkage oiling, the motor screw combination controls the injection volume and injection speed, automatic cleaning, no air pump; simple operation, easy maintenance, high precision, strong stability, etc. features.

Vape Filling Machine
6 Head Liquid Automatic Small Bottle  Oil Filling Machine (4)

The actual working efficiency is 1000-5000 pieces per hour. The injection volume is 0.2ml-5ml and 0.2ml-10ml. Regarding the warranty, the machine host is guaranteed for one year, and the parts are guaranteed for life. This machine is new, the color is the most novel, it has not appeared on the market yet, and it is also sold well in various countries, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and other countries. This machine has won high recognition from customers with its excellent product strength.

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