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KBD-100R is an intelligent high-precisionfilling machine. Oil pipes are also equippedwith heating function, which can achieve1% high accuracy and easy operation.The barrel injection pump can manuallyadjust and control the temperature to keepthe best temperature control effect of theoil in the pipe at 60-80 C.It also has a high-definition 7-inch touch screen, whichmakes the operation more intuitive andclear. And it also has high-precisionsyringes and various needles areapplicable to various products.

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Cartridge Filling Machine Specifications

Model KBD-221B
Oil fillingaccuracy +1%
Amount of oiling 0.2-2ml
Power supply AC110~240V
Dimensions/weight 52*64*65cm/about 46kg
Output 1500-1800 PCs/hour

 Semi automatic cartridge filling machine

This machine is suitable for all small glass carts such as THC, CBD, and 510 line products .

The working mode of a  is:

Pure electric control injection                        Short oil circuit
 High efficiency up to 1200 tubes/hour        Heating up to 120 ℃
 Easy to operate                                                Automatic cleaning
 Fill in most cartridge styles                            Easy to maintain


Applicable liquids: all concentrated tobacco oil, CBD/THC oil, nicotine tobacco oil, Ruhr syringe oil, high-value essential oil, wash free hand sanitizer and other liquids with high precision requirements and high consistency.

Applicable products: CBD/THC/510 series/ceramic atomizer/cotton core atomizer/all-in-one cotton/all-in-one cigarette/Luer syringe/G5/CCELL/Vape pen/0.5ML/0.8ML/1.0ML/Delta 8/Delta 9

Customer group: the most popular products among CBD/THC/nicotine customers in the United States, Canada, etc., and all global customers of heated and non heated liquid oil injection.

Delivery date: when the product is ready and it can be shipped  our ex factory delivery date is 3 days, and normally it takes 5-7 working days; 3-5days for the sample order; 10-15days for the trial/bulk order.


Customer feedback




Factory direct sales lead time as fast as 5-7 days



Q1: Is the machine for thick oil?

A1: Yes, it suits for thick oil with high accuracy filling injector, Especially design for thick oil.

Q2: Can the machine heat oil?

A2: Yes, Our filling machine has heating function, at most heat 120 celsius, to make oil flow and keep oil warm.

Q3: What kind of products can machine fill?

A3: Machine can fill small bottle, glass jar, syringes, plastic jars etc. We will send different spec of needles to match your products.

Q4: How long can it ship out?

A4: Our ex factory delivery date is 3 days, and normally it takes 5-7 working days.

Q5: Is OEM/ODM available?

A5: Yes, it's available. We can OEM your company name in the filling system, and your brand logo on the machine.




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